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Since he has been a contributing editor to The Journal of Chinese Medicine, and a frequent lecturer on Chinese medicine in Europe and the United States.

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Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine quantity. The tongue is a like a mirror, reflecting the microcosm of our body, and the knowledgeable practitioner can choose successful treatment strategies by looking at their patient's tongue.

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For a decade and a half now, he has combined a careful study of Chinese medicine, both in China and through his own translations of Chinese texts, with full-time clinical practice. This is quite an unusual combination in a field where the scholars tend to be out of touch with clinical realities, and the practitioners at the sharp end of clinical practice have little time or inclination for lengthy study.

This textbook on tongue diagnosis reflects these dual qualities well.

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  • On the one hand it is a scholarly work, meticulously referenced and revealing a thorough knowledge of the history and theory of tongue diagnosis in Chinese medicine. On the other hand, it is rooted in the needs of clinical practice, and the author's own diagnostic skills are well illustrated by his analysis of the 39 colour plates, taken at his own practice. Interestingly, several of the plates show the progression or amelioration of the patient's tongue over various periods of time.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis - A Beginner's Guide

    The printers have coped fairly well with the difficult task of colour reproduction. The text develops a methodical analysis of tongue diagnosis, beginning with a general assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of this method.